Angst+Pfister Voices


Sales Application Engineer,
Angst+Pfister Germany

Daniel Franecki

Daniel joined Angst+Pfister in 2017 and has used his in-depth knowledge of industry products, customer service and salesmanship to develop business in northern Germany. He works on new projects together with existing customers, is responsible for finding new business opportunities and for building long-term customer relationships, which he does with the support of a dedicated team of Product Application Engineers. He greatly enjoys his leadership role, supporting and challenging others to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

“Every day I see products being developed, manufactured and delivered by Angst+Pfister. That is incredible. As a Sales Application Engineer, I work very independently and responsibly in my area keeping the Angst+Pfister core values in mind while looking after customers from a range of industries across all five product centers, and customizing engineering solutions for them.”

«There is always something to discover and every day I am challenged to develop ideas and solutions further. Awesome!»


Research & Development Engineer, Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions, Turkey

Çağdaş Cengiz

With a background in structural analysis working with premium automotive brands, Çağdaş started his work at Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions in Turkey in 2016. His role includes design and mechanical simulation of antivibration products for automotive, railway and industrial applications, as well as developing methods to increase accuracy of virtual simulations to get it right the first time.

“Every day brings new challenges to solve, helping me learn and expand my experience. We are aiming to design the best product in a competitive market by pushing the boundaries of creativity, and combining material know-how with mechanical knowledge.”

«Every day brings new challenges to solve and new opportunities for adding value to this business.»


Sales Agent for Fluid Handling Technology,
Angst+Pfister Austria

Michaela Aschauer

Michaela joined Angst+Pfister in 1996. As a Sales Agent, she is the first point of contact for the needs of her customers, provides support, helps with questions and deals with all sales-connected tasks. She enjoys working closely with other colleagues and gaining the appreciation of her customers her work brings.

“Over the last 23 years I have been part of Angst+Pfister’s impressive transformation from a trading materials plant to an engineering solutions provider. For example, our logistics capabilities have been optimized to fulfil both our market needs, our engineering activities and, importantly, our production capacity. It is great to look back on the many important and sizable projects that we were able to win in the last few years, as well as to see the potential of current projects. My personal focus during every project is cooperation with my customers and providing support in the implementation of their wishes and needs.”

«Smile and the world

smiles with you»


Profit Center Leader Sealing and Plastics Technology, Angst+Pfister Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., China

Kevin Wang

Kevin’s career at Angst+Pfister began in 2017 as a Team Leader in Sealing Technology. Since then he has also taken over the lead of Plastic Technology in China. In this role he is responsible for new business development in the household, gas, coffee machine and robotic sectors. He especially enjoys leading a team of dedicated engineers into new projects, as well as the combination of sales and technical expertise, and creating strong working relationships with customers.

“Sealing is everywhere, each different industry and application makes me excited and curious. The market potential is always huge, and we aim to select projects suited to our engineering expertise – to do the things which the competitor cannot do.”

«Angst+Pfister is truly global, taking care of every employee – no matter where you are. China is far away from the Group headquarters, but we are not alone.»


Sales Agent for Engineering Plastics Technology,
Angst+Pfister Benelux

Giulia van der Werf

Giulia started work as a Sales Agent in 2015 at Angst+Pfister Netherlands where she enjoys the daily cooperation and communication with her colleagues and customers. She loves the technical aspects of orders, offers and engineering solutions in Plastics and Sealing Technology. One of the main things she tries to establish with customers is to be a trusted contact for the customer’s organization. Regular challenges keep her active and motivated, for example, filling in for colleagues at Angst+Pfister France in the Internal Sales department or collaborating on product assortments. The Netherlands’ team is compact and needs all-rounders with an open mindset as well as communication skills.

“I graduated as an engineer in industrial product design and really enjoy a blend of technical and creative work. That’s why I love the diverse and versatile environment at Angst+Pfister! My ambition for the future is to become a Product Application Engineer and help create customer specific engineering solutions.”

«A day without learning
and laughter is a day wasted.»