Keeping fit together

Dear Reader,

Did you know that in 2020 Angst+Pfister will be looking back on a history of one hundred years? A proud old age usually leads – for people and companies – to praise experience and wisdom. We prefer to look forward and keep fit for times of profound change. Any company that has been a market success for such a long time has a proven willingness to embrace change as an opportunity, and to adapt flexibly to new requirements – be they, for instance, requirements in the digitalisation or electromobility sectors.

The challenge of change is multifaceted. We are responding with more than business agility and adaptability. It is our strategy to anticipate new developments in your industry, to learn about your business, and understand your value chains and way of thinking. As we would like to be in a position to consistently produce new solutions, we put great emphasis on savvy, creative personalities. They network with each other and network their expertise across the world – internally and externally – in skilled teams, who can deliver added value to a customer consultation. This is also how we keep evolving and remain a trusted partner for you in the development, manufacture, sourcing and qualification of innovative industrial components and their logistics.


We are also taking concrete action in response to the much-discussed changes by producing breakthroughs in engineering, design and materials. A few examples on the topic of compounding:

  • In antivibration technology, our new efficient methods mean there are next to no limits when it comes to calculating the exact life span of rubber metal parts or designing new materials.

  • In sealing technology, we now offer elastomers with unique properties and the associated approvals. Our PERTEC® range continues to expand.

  • Our material expertise extends to sensor technology. We are staying fit by being in contact with leading research institutes and start-ups so that in the future, electroactive polymers can also play their part in delivering “artificial muscle”.

We frequently co-design with our customers. We work with you, as a loyal and open partner, in line with the concept of networked teams, to find specialised solutions for you, together. Our first priority is to add value to each individual customer. In the following pages, you can read how we find solutions working together with our customers. I would be delighted if you could recognize one or the other inspiration for your company.

Erich Schmid
Chief Technology Officer